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First we asses our clients digital assets as well as your competitors. This allows us to establish metrics for social media traffic, bounce rate, on-page SEO, and Direct Traffic. In addition, we study more traditional marketing which includes their fonts, colors, tone, marketing strategy. Everything down to the source code.  


With a baseline established in comparison to marketing metrics established, we then discuss how we would employ this into your emerging website. We provide you with our research considering everything we have seen. Then we create a Mind-Map, where we analyze your customers’ psychographic profile to create the ultimate customer buying experience. 



Brand Style Guides

A brand style guide is a rulebook containing specifications on everything that plays a role in the look and feel of your brand–everything from typography and color to logos and imagery.


With 3 Basic Style Guides, together we choose one to take your brand from amateur leagues to grandmaster status. Once we finalize the brand style guides, we begin executing the web design and development. Then we launch.



Digital Marketing Strategy

All that time was not a waste. We have seen the board. We have seen their moves. We will recommend a strategy that makes cents– And that isn’t a typo. 

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