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We understand music and we know what makes it work. We use our background in music to market independently released albums by helping them get into record stores, online, and on radio. Our plans are affordable for artists who write and perform their own music.

Typically, we cost more than your local indie label, but we are all about long-term relationships.  We know what it takes to get you signed or on stage. We have connections with Spotify and experience turning musicians into brands. 

Decide on Brand Identity
Create Brand Style Guides
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what we do

Music Marketing Process

First, we look at where your current analytics on all platforms. Here, we are looking to see what is being done right and what needs to be done. Typically, this means creating thumbnails, logos, and graphic design. 

We take design seriously. We take the time to discuss what you want and what you need. We need your brand to look as good as you do. 

Following our research we create a Mind Map. Here we turn the analysis into a visual outline of how you would like your site to look one week after this initial brainstorm. Not only do we give you the site you want, but the site you need. 

Brand Style Guides


Zoom Conference Call, as long as it takes with our lead developer, Visual Communications Specialist and President.

3 Basic Style Designs, from here we take your brand from amateur league’s to becoming a Grandmaster. 

Once we finalize the brand style guides, we begin executing the web design and development. 

Once we have a clear definition of your personal brand we develop EPK’s to get you on stage. This means using your current photos and new logos to create something perfect. The next step, and arguably hardest is copywriting. Defining a product is easy. Defining a person is arguably impossible. 

Once the design is done, we can begin discussing building a drop shipping site where fans can buy your merchandise. We manage the entire process so your fans can easily buy your gear. You don’t need to worry about shipping, or printing labels. We can even design all of your merchandise.

This is where the fun begins. We work with variety of influencers on every platform. Reaction Videos on Youtube and Tik-Tok dances are standard. We also have a list of playlist curators on Spotify to create organic growth. Finally is advertising, here we target your audience and take your fan base from 0 to hero. 

Concert visuals are an essential aspect of any live performance. They act as an additional performance piece, embellishing the production, the movement on stage, and creating a visual representation of the music. When you have custom made visuals that are unique to your performance, you can interweave another dimension into your show. Concert visuals will give your fans something to talk about for years to come.


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